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Safe and modern sedation techniques

At Tigga Smile our ultimate aim is always to provide our services in the most relaxed, comfortable and stress-free environment possible. For our more anxious or fearful patients, we offer conscious sedation to overcome any worries and help the procedure proceed more smoothly. These sedation techniques are carried out by experienced dentistry professionals in our modern clinic.
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What we can do for you

The sedation techniques used at Tigga Smile are extremely safe and effective. You will feel relaxed enough to not be aware of any pain or anxiety throughout the duration of your treatment. The treatment under sedation will be otherwise identical to that which all of our patients receive.
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During the sedation

All of the staff involved in administering sedation at Tigga Smile are specifically qualified and trained in this field. You will be monitored closely throughout using state of the art equipment to ensure complete safety and effectiveness.
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After the treatment

You can expect to feel slightly drowsy following sedation. For this reason, all patients undergoing conscious sedation must refrain from driving after their appointment and be accompanied by a suitable escort.

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